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Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. From humble. Posts about Greek English Slang Dictionary written by Paul Pan. Define light. light synonyms, light pronunciation, light translation, English dictionary definition of light. n. 1. Physics a. Electromagnetic radiation that is.

1. The relentless bombardment was joined by the captured Virulence , which jumped into the system under Terrik's command and deployed Pash Cracken's A-wing unit.

Darklighter would fly his next missions without a wingman. While investigating the system , the Rogues detected fighters in the asteroid field. Though the Frehzlix were not making any hostile moves, their arrival kept the extremely time-sensitive annual pommwomm shipment from traveling, threatening to ruin the Sif'krie economy. Horn congratulated Darklighter on the news and assured him he would make an excellent father.

Gavin Darklighter

Darklighter was among the X-wings flying cover for the Y-wings bombing the Imperial base. The tractor beam lock was broken by the Virulence sacrificing itself, however, allowing Lusankya to return to Thyferra behind the task force. When Isard's clone attempted the same trick Isard had at Thyferra, sending up a shuttle in which she was supposedly fleeing, Darklighter cut between it and the prison to prevent it from striking at the prisoners and Rogues inside, then moved above it to herd it into Antilles's sights.

Horn eventually transferred out of Rogue Squadron and command returned to Darklighter.

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Once it was located, they again engaged it, narrowly avoiding an ambush attempt when Zsinj began blasting asteroids near the starfighters, filling space with shrapnel. Darklighter stayed behind in command of the defense of the refugees.

ligg app yellow

He planned to blast off and lead the Imperials away, presuming he was their quarry. Define light. When he turned sixteen, Darklighter felt the pull of the stars, and determined to make his own way in the galaxy , joining the New Republic.

General Evir Derricote , the Imperial commander, had reinforced his base with extra starfighters and power generation capacity from the abandoned Alderaan Biotics facility on-planet, the existence of which Kre'fey had not even known. Solo cut in once more, however, to order Darklighter to engage the Hutt capital ships, not the landers.

Upon return to Coruscant, Darklighter and the Rogues, among several others, were invited to the Solo apartment to watch Skywalker's address to the Senate. Upon landing, he was given his cover identity as " Vin Leiger ", a small-time con man partnered with " Shaalir Resh "—actually his wingman Shiel. Darklighter and Shiel were in the nearest room, and Horn woke Darklighter and warned him that there were stormtroopers inside the base, rigging it to explode. Solo damaged the ship, but it created an interdiction field, blocking the Ralroost , the Rogues, and a handful of evacuation ships from jumping to Agamar.

There, they plotted ways to bring Coruscant's shields down within 48 hours—an assignment they had only recently been given.

Gavin's grandfather looked only at the end of his life, regretting missed opportunities. The Rogues were supplemented by two squadrons of uglies and two companies of infantry. Darklighter made his way back to Yag'Dhul, where the squadron was briefed from his sensor data.

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Physics a. There were four pipefighters, and together they produced a network of laser fire that launched a beam into space. Proud of his droid's tenacity, Darklighter changed its name to Toughcatch; over time, the nickname would be shortened to Catch. Posts about Greek English Slang Dictionary written by Paul Pan.

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Electromagnetic radiation that is. Darklighter stunned the woman and Antilles made Yonka the offer to defect.

ligg app yellow

Caedus, however, was always able to predict which convoys would be attacked and respond accordingly. Darklighter's designation had also by this time been shifted to that of Rogue Three.Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. light synonyms, light pronunciation, light translation, English dictionary definition of light. When Antilles became aware of Yuuzhan Vong ships destroying refugee convoys with impunity, he placed Lando Calrissian in charge of finding the security flaws in the convoy system.

Darklighter took to command of Rogue Squadron quickly, leading it against pirates on the Rim. The squadron occupied its time on the return trip thinking up plans to rescue Horn, but were pleasantly surprised on their return to find that Horn had been rescued by Celchu and smuggler Mirax Terrik , who had gone to Borleias in Terrik's ship after becoming concerned about a possible security leak.

Shortly after that, however, Thrawn's fleet broke off and retreated; Darklighter did not know it at the time, but the Grand Admiral had been assassinated. From humble. He was first in, with two other pilots backing him up.

Darklighter replied that, in his opinion, they were, and was caught off-guard by a swift slap from Kre'fey. n. If Shai won, he would get back the bones of his ancestors, which Horn had recovered in the course of another mission.

Darklighter was unconcerned about that. Darklighter saluted and departed for the Mon Mothma.

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Darklighter was assigned to escort the transport carrying pickup crews to the facility. The festivities had barely begun before a swoop gang picked a fight, causing a huge bar brawl.

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The solar flare was caused by a corridor of dovin basals —the Yuuzhan Vong gravity-warping creatures. When the actual battle began, Bel Iblis's infiltration attempt was quickly found out and the Venture pinned down by tractor beams.

The long-buried Lusankya battered its way through the shields and out to freedom as Darklighter and the other Rogues engaged its TIE escort. Darklighter took to the squadron, however, and was the one to create its twelve-starfighter crest, which quickly caught on as the symbol of Rogue Squadron despite having no official endorsement.

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The way in was clear. Combined with the unexpected arrival of the Thranta -class War Cruiser Valiant , an escort ship for the legendary Another Chance which was responding to Celchu's Alderaanian transponder signal, the Rogues destroyed Corrupter. In addition, Iron Fist was reported destroyed. In the fleet battle above, Krennel was killed, and the Hegemony's forces surrendered to the New Republic.

Antilles and Celchu passed the coveted title of Rogue Leader on to Darklighter, making him only the fourth to carry the title, after Skywalker, Antilles, and Celchu.

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The release of the prisoners and the triumph over Krennel and Isard—the woman herself had been killed while attempting to steal the captured Lusankya from the shipyards of Bilbringi—was celebrated with a party held on the newly refitted Lusankya.

When a Yuuzhan Vong fleet came nine days into the occupation to contest the New Republic's hold, Darklighter launched from the surface, then took up a position near the moon to strike at any targets of opportunity.

As Shiel was grounded, Darklighter was paired with Rhysati Ynr for the mission. The Confederation fleet pulled away from Kuat to stop the slaughter and savaged the Fifth; Solo and the tattered remnants of the Fifth barely escaped alive.

ligg app yellow

Darklighter celebrated the reduction of Zsinj's strength and, with his position so diminished, the Rogues were transferred out of the task force to recover with easier duty.

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