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Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. From humble. I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

The squadron spent much time in simulators, and in one simulation, Darklighter, not seeing much point in trying to survive a scenario in which the squadron had already been heavily hit, stayed behind when he could have departed in order to protect Sei'lar.

He contacted Urias Xhaxin , the pirate leader, and convinced him to stand down. Kre'fey dispatched a probe droid to the site where Xhaxin had been ambushed, but the results were ambiguous and he decided to send in a reconnaissance X-wing with Rogue Squadron as its escort.

Their mission was successful—an intact yammosk corpse was captured for dissection, the hostages were freed, and the Jedi's public image gained a strong boost. Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period.

While Organa Solo remained imprisoned, the Killiks attempted to engage the blockade at the Murgo Choke. On a mission to aid Jussafet Four , a world under attack by Zsinj's forces, Darklighter was shocked to see his wingman, Tal'dira, fire on Antilles as the fighters were being deployed.

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When it was revealed that Booster Terrik , Mirax's father, was in the next room, however, the legendary smuggler forced Huff to provide the arms at prices below market value. Darklighter stunned the woman and Antilles made Yonka the offer to defect.

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Sei'lar requested time to consider her choice, but had no actual interest in following Fey'lya's instructions. When a Yuuzhan Vong fleet came nine days into the occupation to contest the New Republic's hold, Darklighter launched from the surface, then took up a position near the moon to strike at any targets of opportunity. He was then approached by Asyr Sei'lar , a black-furred Bothan female.

However, Jace insisted that he was the best pilot in the squadron, citing his higher percentage of kills relative to the number of fighters he had engaged. On their way outbound, they discovered that Rock-One had returned and was providing an interdiction field—they could not escape. Though selection was complete, training was not yet over, and Darklighter continued to hone his skills at Folor Base.

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He offered Kre'fey his hand, but the young Bothan refused and stormed off. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from. He threatened to lead it off to the Unknown Regions and carve his own Empire to hold against the Yuuzhan Vong, or to back a coup and put Organa Solo in power.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Darklighter was somewhat surprised at taking on such a strong target. He was even more astonished when he found himself attacked by an asteroid-like craft using completely foreign technology.

When the impostor st launched, the Rogues and Wraiths were pulled off to track it to the ruins of a colony; when the TIEs began strafing, the Rogues were forced to assume that survivors were being targeted.

Darklighter's group was assigned to scout out the Coruscant undercity and determine the Empire's level of control over it. When the Yuuzhan Vong invasion fleet arrived, its formation resembled that of a yammosk, with multiple tentacles of coralskippers and small gunships radiating from the main body of capital ships. Tension had been building in the task force, and Antilles enacted a plan to address it. I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake.

Depending on the exact timing of Darklighter's transfer out of the Fifth Fleet, he may still have served with it during the blockade of Corellia , which ultimately failed under Confederation assault. Instead, he was eager to destroy the superweapon, being infuriated that he had provided evidence of its existence over a year ago and no action had been taken. In the midst of the battle, Horn was able to contact the Yuuzhan Vong commander, Shedao Shai , and arranged a duel with him.

In short order, however, the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of Coruscant. When Antilles happened to mention taking the world "by storm", Darklighter was suddenly struck by inspiration: The plan went off and allowed them to jump in, with Darklighter destroying a coralskipper immediately upon reversion. Darklighter enjoyed a reunion with some of his large extended family before he entered Huff's library to wait for his uncle to conclude another business meeting.

On one mission, the two squadrons attempted to make off with three bacta freighters which had been driven off course via sliced navicomputers.

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As the Confederation grew in size and power, the Galactic Alliance took ever-more-strict measures against it, led by Jacen Solo, the head of a secret police unit known as the Galactic Alliance Guard. When he turned sixteen, Darklighter felt the pull of the stars, and determined to make his own way in the galaxy , joining the New Republic. He accepted the group's demands that control over the pursuit of the war be ceded to the military, without political micromanagement, that a system to support the refugees be established, and that A'Kla be allowed to make his report on the Vong to the Senate with full media coverage.

They battled furiously, but the odds were overwhelming. His squadron-mates jokingly awarded Darklighter the award of "worst pilot in the squadron" and sent Nawara Ven to speak to the senior officers—Antilles, executive officer Tycho Celchu , and naval captain Afyon —and request a fitting punishment.

Darklighter was approved, provided he performed well in the Redemption scenario. Darklighter picked up no kills in the engagement, however, unlike the rest of his comrades.

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Through the combined efforts of the guests, the attack was averted. Corresponding with his promotion, he was transferred to the Fourth Fleet , where he served as second-in-command to Admiral Ratobo ; the vessel Trucemaker was his flagship. Darklighter was not involved in combat, as the Rogues, Colonel Kapp Dendo 's Commando Team One , and Captain Judder Page 's Katarn Commandos quickly secured the Xenovet compound and found there several Lusankya prisoners housed in the facility's barn.

Horn eventually transferred out of Rogue Squadron and command returned to Darklighter.

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Darklighter was devastated to learn that the friendly, bubbly Forge, with whom he had been close, was dead. It broke her heart to leave Darklighter, but she felt that their relationship would constantly be under attack by Bothan politics and did not wish to have him devote his life to the painful, lonely crusade she felt she had to take on. Darklighter represented the squadron at the diplomatic reception held on the Tafanda Bay ; Fel made a significant stir when he bypassed the politicians in the reception line and greeted only his host and his military allies, including Darklighter.

Darklighter gratefully evacuated the prisoners. From humble.

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Darklighter and Kre'fey met with Xhaxin aboard the Ralroost , and the privateer told them that his small fleet had been jumped by coralskippers. As the operation wrapped up, however, the Rogues were shocked to find a Super Star Destroyer emerging from the Coruscant cityscape. Darklighter took to command of Rogue Squadron quickly, leading it against pirates on the Rim.

He briefed his pilots and prepared for the assault.

Gavin Darklighter

In the fleet battle above, Krennel was killed, and the Hegemony's forces surrendered to the New Republic. When the StealthXs began putting targeting locks on the XJ3 X-wings trailing the craft and Organa Solo used a shipboard repulsor to push them away, Darklighter finally took to the comm personally.

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There, Councilor Fey'lya arrived and attempted to order their arrest, as they were acting on orders from Organa Solo which Fey'lya had had Chief of State Mon Mothma countermand. While investigating the system , the Rogues detected fighters in the asteroid field.

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Darklighter also received a major asset to his squadron with Horn's transfer back into it.

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